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About Us

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Yorkmate is the main international household brand of York Group, the top electric water heater company in China, and is currently sold in over 50 countries worldwide. Yorkmate is addressing all the needs of this new smart generation by offering smart technologies with stylish functional designs that helps you save the world at home. As a global brand , Yorkmate provides smart solutions to cater the needs of different people ,different cultures and different ways of life in more than 50 countries.

One-occupancy instant electric water heater supplier

In order to serve the Chinese market and promote York’s intelligent kitchen and bathroom products and experiential kitchen and bathroom culture, Yorkmat established a professional technical research and development team, conducted market research and product research and development, and formed a company with instant electric water heaters, instant electric water heaters, A series of home smart kitchen and bathroom products such as gas water heaters, integrated water heaters, kitchen appliances, wall-mounted stoves, integrated stoves, kitchen appliances, etc.

Yorkmate Years of Experience 20+

Yorkmate Years of Experience 20+

Yorkmate leads the industry with innovative designs to meet various home needs.

Satisfies Customers Worldwide 800+

Satisfies Customers Worldwide 800+

Instant electric water heaters have become a household essential, satisfying over 800 customers worldwide.

Successful Projects Worldwide 1000+

Successful Projects Worldwide 1000+

There are over 1000 successful projects around the world. Cooperate with Midea, Philips, Sakura and other giants.

Average Annual Output: 1,000,000+

Average Annual Output: 1,000,000+

The tankless electric water heater factory is a beacon of innovative efficiency, producing over 1,000,000 units annually.

About Us

Pioneers in Instantaneous Water Heating Solutions

Happy Experience Smart Living

“Intelligence” and “health” are the two core themes of product innovation and the research and development purpose that Yorkmate has adhered to for many years.Instant Comfort, Endless Joy: Elevate your daily rituals with our cutting-edge instant water heaters. Delivering warmth at the speed of life, we redefine convenience, making every moment a soothing experience in an instant.

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Instant Comfort, Effortless Luxury: Elevate your daily routines with our cutting-edge instant water heaters. Experience the perfect blend of efficiency and indulgence, redefining your home’s warmth and comfort.

In 2011

The second-generation constant-temperature instant electric water heater has been successfully developed. The heating module draws on aerospace technology to achieve efficient heating and separation of water and electricity. The product has the characteristics of long life, stability, and high thermal efficiency.

In 2012

The third-generation integrated water heater with energy-saving heat recovery concept has been developed. It has the product features of instant hot water at constant temperature, integrated top spray/hand spray/massage unit, high thermal efficiency, and heat energy recovery. It has long-term performance based on the climate characteristics of the north and south of China. testing and thermal efficiency testing.

In 2013

The research and development of the second generation constant temperature kitchen treasure product has been completed. It adopts high-efficiency heating and constant temperature control technology. It has the distinctive characteristics of small size, fast heating, and zero-distance hot water for washing, meeting the demand for hot water for washing in four seasons.

In 2014

The research and development of smart toilet series products and sink dishwasher products have been completed. The core heating technology of the water heater has been optimized to further improve the thermal efficiency, laying a solid quality foundation for the constant temperature instant heating products that will be officially launched soon. The durability and stability test is expected to have a life span of more than 10 years. years and above

In 2015

Yorkmate constant temperature instant electric water heater products officially entered the KA chain home appliance channel.

In 2016

Yorkmate Beijing branch was established, and its products entered the Beijing KA building materials channel. Tianjin, Shandong, and Jiangsu branches were established.

In 2017

Yorkmate e-commerce division was established, covering mainstream e-commerce platforms.

In 2018

The Yorkmate Cube Beijing Nanjimei flagship store "Yorkmate Kitchen and Bathroom Experience Center" with a one-stop shopping experience/online and offline interactive marketing attributes has been put into operation.

In 2019

Yorkmate's new bathroom product production base was completed in Nantou, Zhongshan. Yorkmate's production capacity and production system have reached a new level, the supply chain system has been further optimized, and quality has been further improved.

In 2020

Yorkmate's new kitchen appliance product production base began construction and was partially completed in Shengzhou, Zhejiang. The new kitchen appliance product line has been fully updated. Integrated stoves and kitchen appliances have been comprehensively upgraded in terms of intelligence, technology, materials, and structural optimization, and the cost performance and market competitiveness have been further improved.

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Bespoke Excellence in Every Drop

Experience unparalleled customization with our tankless water heaters. As a manufacturer with our independent brand, we take pride in offering professional customization services. Tailor your heating solution to fit unique specifications, ensuring optimum efficiency and personalized comfort in every facet of your home or business.

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Hot Water, Instant Bliss: Our heaters promise not just warmth but a seamless blend of innovation and comfort. Embrace convenience with every turn, making your moments at home extraordinary.

Our strength

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Unleash Instant Delight: Elevate your lifestyle with our advanced instant water heaters. Effortlessly efficient, luxuriously comforting – redefine your daily moments, one perfectly heated instant at a time.

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